One To Watch

One To Watch

♡ Some things you can’t unsee...And some you don’t want to. ♡

Even though she’s a librarian, there’s nothing naughty about Sally…

Until she sees something she shouldn’t have one evening and can’t pry her eyes from the sexy scene.

Sally’s never been one to take risks or explore her wild side.

But it certainly seems that, given the opportunity, she is one to watch.

Despite feeling ashamed for spying—and embarrassed that she liked it—

Sally can’t get the sight, and the way it made her feel, out of her head.

A long-forgotten passion awakens.

Everything changes.

Her sister thinks she’s lost her mind.

Her husband wonders if she’s been replaced with an imposter.

Will Sally’s radical shift threaten their happily ever after,

or could it get happier yet?


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