Taming Kate

♡ This one-night stand just got weird. ♡

♡ Kate ♡

When Mr.Tall Dark and Handsome saddled up next to me at the hotel bar with a swagger, I thought the worst work trip ever might be looking up.

I was as fed up with men as I was with my job. But Zayne was cocky enough to intrigue.

His honeyed British accent oozed arrogance, but I wondered if he could he deliver on all that confidence.

Within five minutes back in his room, he had me on my knees. In five more, I was calling him “Sir.”

I wasn’t prepared for how bossy he was—or how much I’d like it.

♡ Zayne ♡

After eleven hours and seven time zones, the first thing I wanted was a drink. I needed it after uprooting my life in London to come salvage my mother’s business. The last thing I expected was a tangle with a sassy American girl.

Kate wanted nothing to do with me—or men in general. But I knew what she needed.

I tried to keep it tame but Kate took to the role like a fish to water when I gave her a taste. She wanted to submit even if she didn’t know it yet. After one night, I wanted more, to see how far I could take her.

Then I discovered my new business partner was Kate’s boss, and soon I would be too.

Kate made it clear that what happened in Vegas would stay in Vegas. But beating the odds was one of my many talents.


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