Three’s Company

Three's Company

♡ Sally knew there would be consequences. Of course she did. ♡

You can’t live out your fantasies—especially when they involve other people without it affecting everything.

Dirty talk about secret longings had steadily improved their marriage, but with passion running hot,

Shane’s imagination ran wild.

Any rational wife would know better than to act on his twisted fantasies.

But there’s nothing rational about desire.

Throwing caution to the wind and abandoning judgment was easy.

Dealing with the aftermath—that was the hard part.

That night—that hot, passionate, delicious night opened a can of worms that was more like a plague of pythons.

They could pretend it never happened. It wasn’t too late.

But after their short stroll on the wild side, could they ever really go back to “normal?”

Would they even want to?


One To Watch
Two To Tango